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What We Do

Amber Care provides Domiciliary Care supporting adults with shopping, light cleaning, companionship, accompanying to appointments, collecting prescriptions, washing/bathing and overnight visits. An overnight visit can either be an awake duty or sleeping nearby with a facility for being called during the night i.e. a bell/alarm.

We can offer services to adults including those with a learning or physical disability, other illness or those wishing short-term support following a stay in hospital. Amber Care also offers respite care for residential Carers. Our services are available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.


We are currently taking on new service users. Both self funders and through Social Services, we accept social patients on a direct payment basis, which we would be more than happy to support you in the process of setting one up.

Quailty Assurance

Amber Care will regularly monitor the policies and procedures to ensure a high quality of care is delivered to their clients. This is achieved by:


  • Informal and formal discussions with both client and Carer

  • Meetings with clients and Carers on a regular basis

  • The encouragement of feedback from clients and Carers both positive and negative

  • Promoting consultations and steps to turn ‘negatives’ into ‘positives’

  • The implementing of questionnaires throughout the year, both for clients and Carers, to assess performance

  • Regular audits of information received

  • Regular assessment of Carers to identify training needs and improvements that can be made in the delivery of care.

  • The encouragement of honesty in open discussions to enable areas of improvement to be identified and improved upon.

  • Promoting the ethic of ‘Quality and dependable care’ through all staff and managers

  • Ensuring Policies and Procedures are meaningful, relevant and up to date

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